How To Become a Member

There are currently no vacancies at Bethany Co-op. Our wait-list is closed.

The community consists of 54 subsided units and 14 market rent units.

Market rent applications are available online or forms are located outside the office door. There is currently an approximate 3-5 year wait list for market rent units.

If someone is looking to obtain a rent subsidy, they must apply through York Region directly and get on their waitlist.

Members who live inside the apartment building do not have to pay utilities, members who reside in townhomes must pay their ow utilities (hydro, gas, hot water tank rentals). Water is paid by the Co-op for all members.


  • To become members of the co-op, applicants have to be approved by the board of directors and become residents of the co-op.
  • To become members of the co-op, applicants have to be at least sixteen years old.
  • Prior to move-in, new members must;
    1. Sign the occupancy agreement
    2. Pay the lifetime membership fee ($20 dollars)
    3. Pay the member deposit
    4. Pay the first month’s housing charge

Extra Fees

  • $4 dollar sector support all units

  • $2.50 garbage fee for 1 bedroom apartments

  • $5.00 garbage fee for 2 bedroom apartments

  • $15.00 dollar for additional parking spots

  • Apartments: $25.00 dollar for A/C (June-Sept) Honor System

Application Form

Housing Charges

1 Bdrm Apt

$815.00 Monthly

2 Bdrm Apt

$906.00 Monthly

2 Bdrm Townhouse

$980.00 Monthly

3 Bdrm Townhouse

$1,101.00 Monthly

4 Bdrm Townhouse

$1,209.00 Monthly

*Every unit pays $54.00 per month for cable and internet.